Winter Blues: Diseases to look out for

We’re coming into winter, and humans are not the only animals spreading germs and catching colds. Your birds are doing it, too. Unfortunately, there is no escaping a sick neighbor in the poultry house. We help our feathered friends out by practicing good biosecurity, but disease can still find its way into a flock.

To effectively identify the presence of a disease, you first have to know what a healthy bird looks like. A healthy bird will:

There are many diseases and illnesses that can affect a poultry flock, but some can be more traumatic than others. Avian Influenza, Newcastle disease, and Necrotic Enteritis all often end in elevated mortality and should be reported to your local veterinarian and authority if you suspect them in your flock. Some signs to look out for:

Avian Influenza


Necrotic Enteritis

None of these diseases are good for your bottom line, and as we enter flyover season for bird migration it becomes increasingly important to minimize wild birds on the farm. We’re not playing favorites, but if you want to try a novel approach you could hire raptors to patrol your farm.  Check it out here.

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