2023 A Year in Review

2023 A Year in Review


2023 was a year for growth and new developments.

We saw record attendance return to the industries biggest tradeshows. We released a slew of innovative new products, and we lost one of the industries most notable inventors, Fred Steudler.

While IPPE’s attendance might have waned a bit, the rebranding of the Midwest Poultry Show to PEAK might have been just the thing to reinvigorate the show and the industry in the region. The World Pork Expo was notable as always for the swine industry, despite the hog sector’s current status.

Our newest products include the Clearflo chain disk corner, a clear corner that can clear itself of feed as it rotates, greatly reducing the incidence of feed contamination.

The Poly Hopper is made is a lightweight polycarbonate. It attaches to the feed line without any hardware and can be used on any standard VAL-CO feed line.

The PEAK Poult Feeder features high flood windows to create a mountain of feed for poults to eat from. The line winches up to open the standard feed windows as poults grow out of the flood stage. Watch the video here!

We released a light trap that mounts flush to the wall over a fan opening to eliminate the need for a dog house then using or retrofitting light traps to an existing house.

We released a bin lid adapter so that our Wayback lid can be installed onto any competitor bin with an opening of 20-21″.

In addition to all of that, we continued our effort of bringing you useful tech support videos on our YouTube channel, informational guidelines on raising healthy birds and swine on our blog and social channels, and offering the best customer service in the industry.

Later in the year, we lost Fred Steudler, one of our founders and the most innovative mind in the industry. Fred is the named inventor on twenty patents related to supplying water and feed to poultry. The most important inventions covered new ways to deliver clean water to poultry, leading to significant increases in livability and feed efficiency. He is known throughout the industry for perfecting the nipple drinker and raising the standard for delivering water to poultry.

We can’t to see what is in store for the industry in 2024, introduce some great new products, and grow with our tremendous network of dealers and growers.


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