2021 Midwest Poultry Federation Tradeshow

This year’s virtual event means you don’t get the hands-on experience you’re used to when shopping for new equipment. But not to worry, we’re showcasing here all of the latest pieces of equipment that we’ve developed. From aviary systems, to colony nests, to variable speed fans, we have something for everyone and every application. Check out the products below!




Valli Vita Aviary System

The nest can be entered from  both sides, giving workers a clear view of the nest. Each tier is equipped with laying nests, feed troughs, and drinkers. Nests have privacy curtains to create a comfortable egg laying area. Eggs are collected on a central egg belt. Birds can move freely around the system, so an expeller on the nests is not necessary.

Sable V-Fan

The VAL-CO V-Fan is a variable speed, direct drive fan that provides higher total CFM at full speed as well as remarkably high CFM/Watt measurements at low speeds. During minimum ventilation, it’s more efficient to use a 54” V-Fan running at low speed than a standard 36” fan running at full speed. A 54” V-Fan at 50% speed can move 13,400 CFM at .05” SP while achieving 53.8 CFM/Watt. That is more than a 300% increase in efficiency!

Features & Benefits

  • Delivers high CFM at top speeds
  • Provides high CFM/Watt at low speeds
  • Direct drive motor means less maintenance
  • Available in 1-Phase and 3-Phase, 200-230V input options.
  • The black interior  cuts the amount of light that is reflected into the barn by up to 23%.
  • The white exterior helps to cut down on the heat build-up to extend the life of the fan components.
  • Regulate flock consistency when all birds are on the same lighting schedule.


Colony Nest

The VAL-CO Colony Nest is designed to cater to the concept of the birds being more comfortable going into a more open nest to lay eggs. The larger nest holes are more inviting for the birds. The nest pads are comfortable and inviting to the hens, which helps prevent floor eggs, and leads to greater output of high-quality eggs, while the
ventilation holes in the partitions help provide an ideal environment.

Features & Benefits

  • Very durable being manufactured with steel
  • The nest measures 48” x 48” (121.9 cm x 121.9 cm), with a belt running
    through the center, and can house 100 birds (50 per side)
  • A 7° pitch on the nest floor allows the eggs to gently roll onto the belt.
    • A large 12” belt provides ample space for the eggs while reducing the
    chance of cracking.
  • Perforated mats enhance egg cleanliness.
  • Black curtains on the front provide an ideal environment for laying eggs.
  • There are also black curtains in the back of the nest to help prevent
    pecking at the eggs.
  • Easy to clean.

Comfort Nest

The mechanical nests features larger nest openings to give hens more room to lay without compromising privacy. The molded plastic bottom is curved to fit the shape of the hen and feel more natural. Hinged close out lids can be run automatically to control hen access. Available in side belt and center belt configurations.

Features & Benefits

  • Control hen access with hinged closeout lids
  • Molded plastic bottom is contoured to fit the natural shape of the hen
  • New Comfort Nest™ option has larger nest openings to give hens more room to lay

Piramide Aviary System

The Piramide provides the maximum ration of usable area, feeding space, and perches. There are two drinking lines in front of each nest. The manure belt runs under all of the usable area. Floors are staggered in terraces to facilitate movement of the birds between levels by use of self-supporting perches. An inspection trolley attaches to the nest side to inspect the top floor safely and quickly. Available in multi-tier configurations with an intermediate catwalk.

Big Tom Turkey Cup

The BigTom Turkey Cup eliminates the need for multiple turkey watering systems during the lifetime of a flock by providing enough water for birds of any age. Each drinker accommodates 40 turkeys up to 7 weeks of age, and up to 30 hens or 25 toms after 7 weeks. The single attachment point allows almost 360 degree access to water, making it the ideal turkey watering system.

Features & Benefits

  • Single drinking system for the lifetime of a flock
  • Accommodates birds of any age. Simply raise water lines and pressure as the birds grow
  • Each drinker accommodates up to 40 poults up to 7 weeks of age, and up to 30 birds after 7 weeks
  • Stainless steel reinforcement increases cup lifespan
  • Single attachment point for almost 360° access to water