2020 – A Year in Review

This year has certainly been a tumultuous one. It started our normal enough. The International Production & Processing Expo took place in Atlanta, Georgia.

We featured our newest addition to the VAL-CO fan line, the variable speed V-Fan. VAL-CO has stepped up to help achieve the ideal environment with the introduction of the versatile, highly efficient, variable speed V-Fan. Older-style variable speed fans would become less efficient when running slowly due to the need to regulate the voltage, thereby lowering the CFM/Watt. The V-Fan motor is a VFD-driven, PMAC motor that yields greater efficiency, allowing the V-Fan to deliver up to 35,000 CFM at top speeds and provide up to 56.4 CFM/Watt at low speeds. The fan is direct drive – no belts to maintain or bearings to grease. The VFD is mounted directly on the fan and pre-tuned at the factory.

Though not long after the close of the show it seems the year began to spiral. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic brought with it lumber shortages and supply chain complications as integrators scrambled to meet new demands. As business closed all across the country, we used quarantine as an opportunity to explore new modes of communication.

We took this opportunity to introduce virtual training sessions, a series of webinars geared towards aiding dealers help growers. We reviewed how feeders, drinkers, fans and more are designed to function in the field, common strategies for getting the best performance, and care and troubleshooting guides to make sure the product is always performing its best.

As the year went on, there was a fair share of ups and downs as quarantine mandates came and went and came again. We’re still not back to “normal”, but we have come a long way in making the most of a hard and arduous year.

Here’s to hoping that this new year is friendlier.

Happy Farming!

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