2019 IPPE Showcase

In case you missed it… 

The 2019 International Production & Processing Expo was held February 12-14 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The show expanded this year to cover all three show halls, included more that 1,400 exhibitors, and welcomed over 30,000 guests. In addition to the tradeshow, there were conferences held for the poultry and egg industries, educational seminars, TechTalks, and the traditional welcome reception held at the Georgia Aquarium.

This year also marked VAL-CO’s 65th anniversary of exhibiting at the IPPE. We were honored to be recognized for this achievement by USPoultry, and we look forward to many more successful years with the show.

As always, we showcased our newest products on the market. Notable highlights include the newest editions of the Hemisphere Fan line, the Directional hemisphere and the Z-Pro Hemisphere. We also released a new breeder drinker, as well as a low flow nipple. We had on display our nesting options, including the newest Valli cage-free systems.

The Hemisphere models are great for floor bird applications. The Directional Hemisphere mixes and distributes incoming inlet air 180 degrees across the width of the house to condition the air before it meets the birds. This fan works great in extra wide houses and has seen great results in the field. The reduced temperature variation and stratification results in more uniform house temperatures and improves animal welfare. Similarly, the Z-Pro Hemisphere uses the same functionality, but distributes air 360 degrees, and the lower profile of this fan makes it great for floor birds, or even swine applications. The proprietary fan material increases the lifespan of the fan by several years, greatly reducing the evidence of rust. Studies have show that increased air circulation in broiler and breeder houses greatly improves litter quality and bird welfare, and this fan system creates a perpetual slow-moving air current that won’t draft birds, but will help remove moisture from the litter.

The new drinkers made their debut as we continue to grow our product line and prove ourselves as watering experts. The new breeder drinker uses up-action only and does not trigger from the side. This design helps keep floors dry, even with active breeder birds. VAL-CO’s Low flow Precision Feather Action trigger is easily actuated by day old chicks even after debeaking. It’s special design controls water flow so less water is wasted, resulting in drier floors and making it ideal for antibiotic free barns. Like all VAL-CO drinkers, our newest models are made to our world-famous precision watering standards.

Our Freedom Community Nest and the Comfort Nest with side belt are both several seasons old now, but their relevance in the industry is only growing as more and more producers see the benefits of larger nest hole openings. Happier hens are more productive, and hens love their space and privacy to lay in the larger nest openings of the Comfort Nest. Growers have reported better nest acceptance and fewer incidences of floor eggs.

As our partnership with Valli of Italy continues, we had on display several of their updated cage-free solutions for both layers and pullets. We were excited to see so much interest and traffic surrounding the cage-free systems, as more growers and industry leaders move in that direction. The Valli systems expertly combine both bird comfort and worker usability, offering multiple tiers of perches, feeding lines, and nesting areas, with an optional service trolley that can run the length of the barn, to help workers reach the top most levels.

We can’t thank you enough for visiting with us this year. We look forward to sharing more IPPE experiences in the many years to come and look forward to new relationships as we grow together.

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