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Broiler Feeding Systems

VAL-CO™ broiler feeding products are designed for high strength and easy cleaning. With our broad selection of components, VAL-CO ensures performance you can count on.

Pan Feeders


FUZE® ProLine™ Feeders (six models)

The FUZE® ProLine™ pan feeding system from VAL-CO® facilitates the arrangement of customized feeding systems. Featuring three large feed windows for automatic and even pan flooding, increased material thickness to improve pan life, polymer resins to reduce bacteria buildup and more.

FUZE ProLine Feeder (428 KB)
FUZE ProLine Feeder Trial (302 KB)
Manual - FUZE Pan Feeder (5.7 MB)
Quick Sheet - Boot Safety Switch (249 KB)
Quick Sheet - Ceiling Bracket, 820021 (574 KB)
Quick Sheet - Fuze Control Pan W/ Adjustable Mechanical Switch (8.5 MB)
Quick Sheet - Fuze Control Pan W/ Proximity Switch (4.7 MB)
Quick Sheet - LED Feeder Light Assemby (3.4 MB)

Chick Feeders


Best Start™ Chick Feeder

The Best Start™ chick feeder kit is easily installed and is less expensive than other automatic solutions. Simply snap the sturdy plastic pieces together around the feed pipe. You can easily adjust the extender for your needed amount of feed and for height from the floor.

Best Start Chick Feeders (265 KB)
Quick Sheet - Best Start Chick Feeder (1.0 MB)

Best Start™ II Chick Feeder

The new Best Start™ II chick feeder is comprised of the basic feeder and optional extension sleeve. The feeder and extension sleeve feature rugged, non-corrosive polymer construction. The fold-away shut-off design minimizes the chance of breakage by catch crews and winching systems. The feeder comes preassembled for installer convenience and fits virtually any style of feeder tube.

Best Start II Chick Feeders (187 KB)
Quick Sheet - Best Start II Chick Feeder (830 KB)