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Chicken Climate Controls

VAL-CO™ chicken climate control systems help easily maintain a comfortable, stable environment, whether automatically, manually or remotely.

Whole House Controls



VAL-CO® is proud to introduce the Horizon® Whole House Controller which can help to save you time and money. The Horizon® is easy to use with a large, rugged touch screen display that shows all your important information, keeping you informed of the conditions in your barn. Simple, intuitive software guides you through setup and initial programming. From there, whole house control is literally at your fingertips.

Manual - Horizon® Installaton and Operation (42.8 MB)

Ventra™ Pro

The new Ventra™ Pro controller incorporates a hardware redesign for better field serviceability by including plug-in relays, wire rerouting for reduced electrical interference and allowing easier wiring via plug-in terminals. A software redesign offers expanded capability for tracking propane usage and providing the ability to store multiple programs on a removable SD card. The Ventra Pro controller provides one-touch access to pertinent information such as daily high/low temperatures, water usage, feeder run times, etc., all in one simple menu or at the touch of a button. Available in 16, 24 or 32 output channel varieties with options for two or four variable speed channels, depending on the model.

Manual - Ventra Pro (10.7 MB)
Quick Sheet - Ventra Pro Control Troubleshooting Flowchart (1.0 MB)
Ventra Controls (464 KB)
Ventra PRO Controls (180 KB)

Ventra™ Plus

The Ventra™ Plus by VAL-CO™ is a multi-zone whole house control featuring 12 output channels and expandable to 92 channels—including variable speed. Using VAL-CO’s innovative, patented control logic, the Ventra Plus simultaneously tracks wind chill, humidity and static pressure in order to comprehensively regulate the true climate. The system effectively measures how the temperature feels to your animals, allowing better climate control and better production.

Manual - Ventra Plus/GainTrac Controller 506 Operation (2.4 MB)
Ventra Controls (464 KB)

GainTRAC™ Select Series

VAL-CO™ GainTRAC™ Select Series is a full-featured line of whole house controls available in 16-, 32-, and 44-channel configurations and is expandable up to 92 output channels. These controllers enable round-the-clock monitoring of in-house conditions and automatically coordinate the operation of all equipment to maintain an optimal environment. Capable of running powered, natural and tunnel barns and multi-zone configurations for pinpoint accuracy, Select Series controls are a cut above the rest.

GainTRAC Select Series (408 KB)
Manual - Ventra Plus/GainTrac Controller 506 Operation (2.4 MB)

Other Controls


PolAIR™ 400HC Unit, Sequence Panel

The PolAIR™ 400HC by VAL-CO™ is designed to control and regulate the PolAIR™ high pressure fog system by temperature and humidity. The 400HC can be configured for single- or two-stage operation. The 400HC also includes the motor starter, motor thermal overloads, inputs for two temperature and two humidity sensors, single- or two-stage cooling and humidification capabilities.

Climate Control Cooling PolAIR System (342 KB)
Manual - PolAIR 400 HC Operating Instructions (1.4 MB)



Agri Alert 800EZ

Peace of mind with independent alarm systems to monitor temperature, power, water, door alarms, and photo-electric detector beams. Available models from 4 to 96 zones with wireless options, on-site horns, and auto-dialers.

Manual - Agri Alert 800EZ (1.8 MB)



Ventra™ 12 & 12 VS Expansion Modules, 2 VS

Ventra™ CS2000 Communication Station

The communication station allows on-site communication between a PC and your Ventra™ controller using VAL-CO LINK software. Currently supported in the GainTRAC Select Series and Ventra Plus controls.

Quick Sheet - Ventra CS2000 Communications Station Installation Guide (687 KB)
Ventra Controls (464 KB)