International Food Safety Day

The first-ever World Food Safety Day (7 June 2019) celebration comes as International Poultry Council continues food safety engagement in the supply chain globally.

The theme for World Food Safety Day is “Food Safety, everyone’s business” to draw attention and inspire action to help prevent and detect foodborne risks.

Every step of food creation, from animal care to cooking in the kitchen, should be mindful of the practices that reduce foodborne illnesses.

Growers must work to prevent transmittable diseases like e.coli or salmonella. Processors and packers must maintain a sanitary plant. Drivers must ensure trucks are cold enough. Suppliers must keep freezers chilled.

We can all do our due diligence in preventing disease in the supply chain, but the ultimate security is knowing how to properly handle, prepare, and cook the food.

Some food safety guidelines that are important to keep in mind:


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