Barn Technology Provides Peace of Mind

Barn Technology Provides Peace of Mind

What’s operating your barn

Your phone rings, it’s 3:00 a.m. and you’re awakened from a deep sleep. It’s every livestock producer’s nightmare…. the electronic “Barn Alarm”. Ask me how I know… because I’ve been the recipient of these calls and have had to make that gut-wrenching drive to the farm uncertain what I’ll find upon arrival. It’s a lot like getting a Christmas present from your grandma, you appreciate the acknowledgment but you’re not sure what your going to find once you get inside!

I know I’m not alone when I say, “barn technology can only go so far”. In today’s high-tech society we tend to lean on, or even trust, our convenient devices to the point that we lack a focus on quality equipment, proper maintenance and applying checks and balances before leaving the barn. I’ve witnessed producers using manual over-rides to operate their barn because they didn’t trust the equipment to run properly.

If you find yourself making similar decisions, I challenge you to ask yourself why you bought the operational equipment in the first place. It would be like purchasing a car but choosing to walk everywhere because the car could breakdown at any time. Consider this potential negligence:

Solution to the madness

While manually manipulating day-to-day operations might give you temporary peace of mind, having high-quality equipment you can trust will provide long-term security.

If you truly don’t trust your equipment, consider investing in needed repairs, maintenance, or equipment upgrades to your operation, so that you can rest assured that your livestock is always cared for and comfortable, even when you’re not around.

Be Safe and God Bless.

Boyd Rice
Territory Sales Manager – Swine


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